Miss Self Sufficient

I’m a straight shooter and most of the time entirely and painfully too honest! I know what I am and am not looking for and I feel like its in the guy I’m dating’s best interest to know a couple key things about me right off the bat. Like…I work my ass off at my job that I worked my ass off for and I won’t have time to be texting you all day everyday. So, Mr. Incredible, if you know you need someone that can give you constant attention and I tell you you will never be #1 in my book, that is your opportunity to leave.

That is not your opportunity to blow up my phone with texts like ‘Fine, just forget it. I thought you cared about me but you’ve obviously moved on.’ I haven’t moved on buckaroo, I just actually have a real job and when I’m there it is required that my cell phone is not glued to my hand. So if you feel the need to call 4 times, leave 3 voicemails, and send 17 texts just because I didn’t respond to ‘Good Morning’…feel free to loose my number.


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